How we hold ourself back from stepping into our power: Disempowering beliefs and Negative storytelling

I know why you’re stuck, frustrated and unhappy…

Well, obviously I don’t know every reason, but I can tell you a few and here’s one. You don’t believe in yourself or your abilities. Your internal record player is broken. It’s playing you negative stories on loop. They’re not true and I’m here to help you break free
You’ve been hurt before, you’ve failed and been failed. Now you’ve resigned yourself to the ‘fact’ that your unable and unworthy of your hopes, dreams and goals. Nothing could be further from the truth. You rock and you deserve the best life has to offer. I know this cos I’ve been there. I know what it feels like to feel stuck, disempowered and worthless. I also know that when I was there I wasn’t worth any less than I am now. Wherever you are on your journey remember you are not alone and you are worthy.

But your limiting beliefs are disempowering and only serve to hold you back from discovering and stepping into your innate personal power. Yes, I said innate that means you were born with it. Unfortunately, it’s been programmed out of you since the day you were born and you started getting told all the things you couldn’t do. You soon realised that you couldn’t touch the fire and that heights were dangerous but you know what some of those silly people forgot to do when they were telling you all the things you could not and should not do? They forgot to replace it with al the amazing things that you were capable of and all the ways you were awesome (unless you were really lucky).

The things which limit us.
So now your internal dialogue is made up of you can’t say that. You can’t be that bold or brave, you can’ t ask for the things you want or go to the places you want you might get hurt or stuck or you might not fit in, but you know what? You might not get hurt, what if you do fit in what if you excel there? If not so what failure can teach us many things too.

I think perhaps it’s time to switch up your thought process and decide to get out of your comfort zone and show the world the true you. It’s time to stop playing small and squeezing yourself into that little child-sized mould you were given. You’ve outgrown it long ago.

It’s time to embrace the power, win or learn you got this.

Personal power is failing more times than everyone else has ever even tried. It’s not being afraid to throw some things against the wall and see what sticks. It’s embracing and learning from your mistakes. The world needs you and the world needs the power you will generate when you finally decide to step into your greatness. Are you ready?

It’s never too late. Your disempowering beliefs are depriving the world of your light. I got the matches!!

Ever heard of affirmations?
Here’s a great place to start if you want to start expanding your comfort zone. Start every day by telling yourself the new messages you want to build your new self up. The new beliefs you want to have here are a few to get you started.

I can do this.
I’m enough,
I’m worthy.
My power awaits.
The world needs my light I’m ready to let it shine.

You don’t need permission from the world to be great you just need permission from yourself. You can and will be great if you just allow yourself and step into it. It’s power time. I believe in you.


Your Disempowering Stories Are Keeping You Stuck


Exploring The Depths Of Our Being, Transcending Trauma, Tapping Into Our Innate Transformational Power.

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  1. Amy Irvin

    This is a great to start to change a negative reel of thoughts in one’s mind.

  2. T. M. Brown

    It’s amazing the power our thoughts and words have over us. Great post!

  3. bee

    Affirmations and positive thoughts are so important! Thanks for this great article

  4. Karla

    Affirmations! My choir song to my kids. I even make them stand in front of a mirror if the situation warrants it!

  5. Amber

    This needs to be a read at all high schools. I think adults and young adults and even children need to hear this!

  6. Cindy

    Yes! I absolutely believe our negative storytelling keeps us stuck. It’s time to tell a new story.

  7. Suzan

    Great affirmation! Said while looking at yourself in the mirror would also be a powerful exercise as well. Thank you for sharing this!

  8. Lisa

    Thank you for posting this. The mind is a power thing!!

  9. Shannon

    You just need permission from yourself. Love it!

  10. Pauline

    Very empowering. Negative thoughts can really disempower. I think, as a society, we forget about the positives.

  11. Hollie

    It is so true! We are the ones that hold ourselves back! Giving ourselves permission to be great can be so hard in this world we live in. Thank you for the reminder and the belief!

  12. Tricia Snow

    Self talk is so important. I had so many employees with a negative loop. Great article!

  13. Jen

    Thank you for sharing this thought provoking post.

  14. Matt Epley

    “It’s time to stop playing small and squeezing yourself into that little child-sized mould you were given.” Been trying to live this one for the past six months. It’s always comforting to know that others are living in the same mindset.

  15. Angela

    Thank you for the reminder and empowerment.

  16. rhamrin

    This is so true. Imagine what the world would be like with people who had realized their full power from the beginning.

  17. carol

    Thanks for the reminders. Self affirmation is so important! We are who we believe we are!

  18. Maria Gustafsson

    I imagine a lot of people will appreciate/benefit from your message. It’s good that you put it out there.

  19. Lisa Manderino

    I like the – I am enough – positive thoughts always help!

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