Are you one of those people who spends a lot of their time wondering why everything always goes wrong? You try your very best yet you still can’t seem to avoid hitting the fan or pissing people off?

Newsflash: That’s not what it’s about, you’re not here to bend over backward trying to please other people.

We are a society so obsessed with compliance and conformity that we rarely stop and think about who people are as individuals and the toll it takes on our mental health. The focus needs to change. You’re here to become the best version of yourself, to find the greatest contribution you can make to this earth. But since you’ve probably been taught otherwise for most of your life, that’s gonna take some practice, some breakthroughs, some trial and error… lots of error in fact and tons of self-reflection. That’s not gonna happen while you’re stuck, wheels spinning, in self-pity and unexamined obedience. Don’t let the opinions and expectations of other people, speed of results or perceived lack of progress continue to stifle you. It is getting in the way of you becoming the ultimate version of yourself. You Rock!! Seriously. Warts and all. You just might have a little work to do to discover that.

I know how it feels when everything seems to always be going wrong. I stayed stuck in my ‘stinkin thinkin’ for a long time, But somewhere along the road, I realized that the way we look at the world shapes our reality and when things don’t go to plan, the only common denominator is ourselves. That’s truly liberating because it means that we are the only person who can change our own reality.

Are you ready to take back the reins of self-responsibility?

There’s an abundance of people out there, who will be willing to try and get us down and cement the fact that we’re doing it wrong just because we’re not necessarily doing things their way, they want to keep you in line, they’re afraid you will surpass them or whatever other reason, but here’s the thing. There are many ways to do each and every thing in this world, the only way to get it really ‘wrong’ is if you set out to actually cause harm. When you know that you set out to do a good thing in a good way your ‘wrongs’ become lessons.

You either win or you learn. EVERY TIME!!

So stop beating yourself up and tearing yourself down and learn to become your own biggest cheerleader. Even when you don’t get your desired outcome you’ve learned something new. Acknowledge that, appreciate that. Sometimes the consequences are perhaps undesirable, but it is always educational.

PRO TIP: Spend time looking for the lessons. At the end of each day spend time and think about the things you have learned throughout the day. (perhaps get a journal and write it down). This will actually add up pretty quickly if you stick at it and when you look back you will see not failures but all of the things you’ve learned through the months and years.

BONUS POINTS: Write about the things you are grateful for too.

Getting it wrong is soo underrated. We’re so often so concerned with winning that we forget or don’t think we have time to enjoy the journey. It’s time to let it go, get out there and fail. Fail forward. Fail big and fail hard. Making those mistakes gives you an opportunity of exponential growth that’s truly unrivaled. Go get yours!! I believe in you.


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