When you feel stuck in life, it can seem impossible to find your way out. It’s probably a good time to do a contemplative life audit so you can see things more clearly and throw out the things that are no longer working for you. Quite often, unworthiness is one of the main culprits that keep you stuck, wheel spinning and wondering why you’re not going anywhere. We don’t usually realise how much of a hold it has on us and more importantly how much we’re holding on to it.

When you are using unworthiness as a comfort blanket it’s a defence mechanism. Having low expectations of yourself and life can be a symptom. You don’t think you deserve any better because you’re unworthy. You settle for the first thing that comes along. Accepting your lot feels like the safest thing to do. You can’t get hurt if you have no expectations. You’re just appreciative when anyone chooses to spend their time on you. This is an unfulfilling way to spend life and you long for more, for deeper meaning and connection, for greater triumphs and opportunities. Then you subconsciously sabotage anything good that comes along, after all you should be grateful for what you’ve got because you are not worthy of anything much. Whatever it is, deserves better than you. You have adopted unworthiness as an ingrained truth. You are not even necessarily aware of your level of unworthiness, despite its heaviness and its overbearing burden and influence on your life.

Unworthiness is like a mask you wear, of silent despair. It keeps you from playing a full game of life, from putting yourself out there, from taking the leaps and showing the world the real you. You forgot that your unworthiness is just a belief you adopted at some low or humiliating point in your life. Unworthiness protects us from being hurt or disappointed, but it also keeps us afraid and powerless.

But guess what, you are truly worthy of all of the abundance life has to offer. You can turn this around. It’s time to do the work. You stumbled onto this message for a reason. You don’t have to feel discouraged anymore. You’ve been walking around with your eyes closed for too long. It’s time to wake up to the feelings and beliefs that hold you back. Recognise when struggles arise and sit with them, contemplate their truth, discover your triggers and explore your feelings.

Where do they stem from?

Who were you when you accepted them?

Who are you now?

Who do you want to be?

Learn from your mistakes and let them go. I bet you’ve had some truly amazing accomplishments in reality. Bring them to the forefront and celebrate your new found worth.

"Everybody misses the mark sometimes but we don’t need to hold on to our failures for the rest of our life".

You are worthy simply because you have been given breath and a heartbeat and this wonderful opportunity to experience life in all its fullness. Deep down you already know this. But you’ve been stuck in victim mode. If you want to start believing in your worth find ways to (gently and enthusiastically) remind yourself of it daily.

Say affirmations in the mirror.

Leave yourself love notes.

Notice the abundance that surrounds you.

Accept compliments.

Ask for help.

BELIEVE THIS: You have amazing gifts to contribute to the world but the best version of you needs to deliver them and she lives on the other side of your unworthiness blanket. Take it off. Lay it down and refuse to return to it no matter how it pleads with you… it will.

You deserve better. You deserve love, acceptance and appreciation. You can give it to yourself. You do not need to rely on external influences to validate your worthiness. CLAIM IT!! It’s time to rise and it’s time to shine. Be your own knight in shining armour. Love yourself unapologetically and build your thriving life starting today. I believe in you.


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