Time is the most precious gift.

Time is the most precious Gift

I was recently asked by Xavier what it means to me to be spoiled in a relationship. I didn’t realise it was going to turn into a blog post but it really made me stop and think and whenever I do that it usually tends to make good food for thought.

Everybody loves a treat but i’m the kind of person who appreciates the little things, so my initial response was that I didn’t need to be spoilt. This is what made it a difficult question to answer. So anyway I gave it some more thought and this is what I realised. I like to be spoilt as much as anyone else and the element of surprise or adventure is always a massive bonus. This could be as extravagant as a Michelin star restaurant or ski trip to a simple break from the norm,  A walk in a place of natural beauty, special delivery, movie night or candle lit bubble bath. I really would appreciate it all.

What it essentially boils down to is time. Time is the most precious gift and a limited one at that. Anything you do for me that gives me back my time, enhances my time or represents you valuing my time, (for example, you go out of your way to spend more time with me) will result in me feeling spoilt, appreciated and treasured. So next time you wonder what you can do for your partners, think about how you can give them the gift of time.

Anybody who takes a job off my to-do list, arranges a treat, introduces me to something exciting or new or entertains the kids for the day; is on to a winner. I would appreciate this far more than diamonds, pearls and 5 star restaurants… Okay I take that back, I like 5 Star restaurants. But honestly Time is a major component to the essence of being, without time there is nothing. Time is precious, time is irreplaceable, time is priceless.

So thanks for the Question Xavier. It was a great personal growth exercise.


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