She tried to do normal, but it was hard. It stung, it itched, it irritated the very crevices of her soul. She didn’t fit in, she had no qualms admitting that. She was lost, miserable, drowning in self pity. Everything about the mundanity of everyday life overwhelmed her. She was done bending over backwards to meet the needs of others. Her back was broken. She didn’t know what to do to escape the pain. She longed for a familiarity she had only ever found in one place. She had tried to find it elsewhere but never could. She didn’t really want to, but she didn’t feel like she had much of a choice, She quietly climbed back into her pit of despair. It was where she felt safe.

It was cold and damp and lonely and quite a few sizes too small. In fact it choked her a little but not as much as the world stifled her. It was where she belonged. It was where she was taught she belonged. It was where she stayed, waiting, longing for someone to rescue her. To tell her everything was going to be okay. People rarely visited her there. There had been a few feeble attempts at rescue in the past but none strong enough to stay focused or interested in such an epic task for long enough or to whether the storms that inevitably ensued. But this time nobody did. She couldn’t even blame them really.

But it’s a damn good thing she found a way to tap into the strength and power to heal and rescue herself. Otherwise she might’ve well and truly died down there. But alas, she didn’t. It was her time to shine.


Exploring The Depths Of Our Being, Transcending Trauma, Tapping Into Our Innate Transformational Power.

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