Fear doesn’t always just look or sound like ‘oh no I’m not doing that I’m scared’. It can show itself in many ways. So here we begin to explore the ways we can uncover when we might actually be feeling fearful even if we recognise it as something else.

Procrastination/ distraction/ /busywork: Wanna know why you’re never getting onto that most important life-changing task? This is a big one. We are afraid of the outcome of the task. Will it be good enough? Will I be mocked or will you be humiliated? It’ll probably all work out totally fine and if not you can probably handle it. But guess what you gotta take the leap and actually do it to find out.

Self-criticism: You criticise yourself because others have and you’re afraid they’re right. You respect their point of view more than you respect your own.

Accumulation: Fear of there not being enough results in accumulation. We can also seek validation by accumulating things. We’re afraid we’re not enough so we accumulate things in an effort to gain some sort of status in the world.

Doubt: A big reason you doubt is because of fear of the consequences or outcome. My latest mantra anything that’s not a hell YeS is a NO.

Intolerance: Perhaps, growing up you were told certain things and groups of people were wrong. So now you’re afraid to step outside of that and let the world see what you really think. You’re really afraid of not fitting in or disrespecting someone whose values you’ve previously blindly accepted. Deep down you know what the answer is and who you really want to be.

Acceptance: Perhaps you tolerate poor behaviour because you’re worried about what others will think or what the repercussions of standing up and speaking out will be.

Anger: You exploded at perhaps something seemingly insignificant. You were taught this is how we deal with problems you weren’t given enough other tools to try, you’re afraid of stepping outside of this and trying something else. The people who taught you anger as a reaction might get angry at you.

I didn’t come here to tell people what to do I came here to highlight the controlling things you might be overlooking. Nobody wants to be driven by fear so I hope this has gone some way to helping you unlock one or two of the unconscious thoughts, feelings or habits you might previously have adopted. I will add more as it comes to me.

You can step outside of fear by just being willing to try baby steps into a new response. There is freedom and power in being able to choose how you present yourself to the world. Most of the things that trap us in life are birthed in the mind. Self-control and discipline are truly liberating. Are you ready to step into it?

Here’s to awakening, healing, freedom and personal power. Let me know if you have any thoughts to add.
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