The Beauty Of Vulnerability.

Do you recognise the beauty of vulnerability? I bet you don’t. Most of us see only weakness in our vulnerabilities. We were raised to conceal them. We were told things like wipe your eyes, don’t cry, don’t be a baby or be a big boy when we were hurt. But you know what? That was so limiting. We deserved better than that, we should’ve been taught how to release our pain and emotions not to hide away like we don’t all have weaknesses and vulnerability. It is truly beautiful to get to a place where we can be so authentic that we can let our vulnerabilities shine through. It shouldn’t have to be but stepping into your vulnerability is courageous.

Nobody’s perfect and recognising the beauty of vulnerability will help you to accept that. It’s liberating to admit our inefficiencies and bring them out into the open. It can help us heal and learn and grow and inspire. I’ve never met an inspirational person who didn’t have a raw tale of overcoming his or her vulnerabilities or of stepping outside their comfort zone and embracing the unknown.

It’s saddening to think a person who might otherwise get support, might hold back his or her tears for fear of chastisement and humiliation. Today we live in a much more open society where we can find many more emotionally safe spaces where we can hold space for and support each other. So I’m declaring this a safe space. bring your friends and lets be real together. Let’s strip back the armour and expose our true vulnerable selves in all their beautiful glory. We cannot grow into our best selves without admitting and embracing our deficiencies. We need to learn to love them truly and completely. We need to thank them for the lessons they came to teach us, we need to let them flow through us and we need to let them go.

It’s normalise vulnerability and bring it into the mainstream. Are youready?


Tapping Into Our Innate Transformational Power Together.

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