Watch Your Self Talk

How often do you stop and take notice of the way you speak to yourself? Most of us go about our day on autopilot and believe that we have no control over the cards we’re dealt. But in reality we attract the life we are living in. Our self talk controls our feelings, our actions, many of our decisions and therefore many of the outcomes. Our inner narrative has a lot to answer for. 

When you do stop and take notice of that voice inside, does it uplift you or get you down? Does it make you take positive steps or want to run for the hills? Many of us go about our day oblivious of the way we put ourselves down and hold ourselves back from our dreams. It could be time to stop and take note. It could be life changing. You deserve more positive action in your life.

Whose Voice Is It Anyway? 

Much of the way we speak to ourselves is learned. If you grew up being told you were stupid lazy or undeserving, then that is what you will believe. Your self talk is born in your childhood. That is how you are trained to speak to yourself, unless you do something about it. Once you have noticed how you speak to yourself, you will have everything you need to decide if and how it needs to change.

Try Loving Self Talk

When you get into the habit of speaking positivity into your life, you lead the way in teaching the world how to treat you. It’s difficult to find the people who are aligned with loving kindness, if you are not aligned yourself. Set the example of the love you want to attract into your life.

But how? Just start, catching yourself and changing the story. Switch the negatives for positives. If you have to look in the mirror everyday and literally tell yourself how gorgeous you are (whether or not you believe it right now) do it. Your future self will be grateful you did. Positive self talk is learned through practice. Find time to tell yourself everyday the things you want to hear and pretty soon your outlook and experience will start to mirror your new thoughts. Good luck on your new journey. I believe in you.


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