rediscover your innate power

  • are you sick and tired of living an exhausting and stifled existence?

are you ready to:

  • explore your emotional trauma?
  • master your emotions?
  • clear out and eliminate the blockages?
  • discover the things that truly matter?
  • Join me on this liberating journey and master your life.

So What's the Plan

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Read my musings exploring trauma and its effects on me and the world and see if you can pick up a tidbit or two to help free you from yours so you can be free to navigate the world with more pride, passion and purpose everyday. 

Reserve THe Book: Transforming Trauma

The book is underway. It’s all about understanding our traumas and experimenting with ways to heal them so we can stop perpetuating the cycles. If you want to be first in line when it is released. Sign up for updates and I’ll drop you a line as soon as I hit the publish button.

course: Assert Yourself

Learn to stop letting people walk all over you. You only get one life make it matter. This is a short beginners 10 part course and it’s only £11 learn how to start maturely standing up for yourself today. 

course: Life Audit

Do you really know yourself and what you want in life? What makes you tick? What are your triggers and why? Here are a few important questions you need to ask to get down deep and dirty with yourself so you can clear out the crap to make room for your new abundant life.