I have been exploring what self-mastery means for quite some time now. So here are my thoughts on self-mastery, for me, self-mastery means getting unstuck by overcoming our fears, emotions and ego. Committing to greater life no matter the distance and hardships. Escaping the norm and blazing our own trail towards a life designed by ourselves and not dictated by others, Becoming the best versions of ourselves. I want this for myself and I want this for my children. I want it so badly. I want them to reach for their highest goals and attain them. I want them to be committed to lifelong learning and continuous improvement. I want them to see the opportunities hidden inside of their failures so that they’re never too afraid to try.

There’s one thing I’ve learnt being a single parent and it’s that kids don’t always just do what they’re told, well mine don’t anyway. I raised kids who question everything and need to see proof of results before they enter into things. This is partly deliberate, partly out of fear and partly not knowing what the hell I’m doing over here. We’re learning as we go, it’s an epic journey with many up’s and downs. I know it’s up to me to lead the way, to lead by example, to show the way to go. we all have a different idea of what ‘the way’ is. but for me this is it. It’s Self Mastery, it’s refusing to settle for the prescribed norm, it’s going out of our way to do more and be more. It’s letting go of what’s designed to hold us back and keep us down. It’s reaching towards epic goals and visions no matter who tells you it’s too hard or too difficult or that it won’t work. We are all different so why do we so often live this monotonous life where we all work toward the same goal without checking to see if it’s what we really want?

Well, it’s time for change the world needs more people that light up with passion when they think about and follow their goals, dreams and passions. They say “be the change you wish to see in the world” and this is the change I desire. What about you? are you ready to design a new normal? are you ready to reach for your goals with love and passion and determination?  The time is now. Grab onto your goal and don’t let them get away. I’m rooting for you, we all have it in us to do great things. It’s time to shine. Let me know below what your biggest goals are and what’s keeping you back from chasing them?


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