Metamorphosis is your birthright

Did you know Metamorphosis was your birthright? When you were born you were so full of potential to grow and flourish. You knew it. Everybody knew when you wanted or needed something, and you had no problem making it known. But, because you spent most of your life being stifled, downtrodden, humiliated and belittled, you got stuck, trying to fit into the normal sized box you were issued, you forgot your worth.

You are enough

So I came to remind you that you are enough. To wake you up to the amazing gifts that you already have inside of you. You came with a message and a purpose. Everything you have experienced up to this point was sent to grow you. Most of us are taught to interpret the things that happen to us in a disadvantageous way. But we’ve got it all wrong. Everything is for us, not against us. It’s all sent to heal and teach and grow us. To teach us how to help others up.  

Your metamorphosis awaits you. It is yours to claim. It’s time to take back your power from the clutches of societal norms and show the world what you came here for. This life is the only one we will get.   

So Embrace Yourself

You are so much more than you have lived believing. Nobody has the power to make you feel inferior unless you accept it. In reality, you can do, be, have or create all the things you ever dreamed of. This world is abundant in so many ways. Your metamorphosis is ready to transform you into everything you know deep down, that you can be. It is your birthright, you are ready to claim it. So throw off that heavy cloak of normality, dance in the rain, colour outside the lines, rise up and show the world your amazing true colours. I believe in you.


Exploring The Depths Of Our Being, Transcending Trauma, Tapping Into Our Innate Transformational Power.

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