Love Yourself, Above All Else

When did you forget the love you once had for yourself? Was it that time you were humiliated or the time you failed at an important task? Did someone you truly loved walk away or treat you badly? It’s difficult to love yourself when there’s no true sense guidance. Most people out there don’t really love themselves so how can they teach or model it to someone else? Everybody is busy running around trying to please everyone else, without giving thought the responsibility they have for their own needs.

Where is the love?

It was programmed out of us by social constructs and traditions, which taught you all the things you could be and all of the things you couldn’t. Most of the things you could do didn’t seem like you. So what was there to love? It was lost in the translation of what was acceptable and what wasn’t. Actually you are totally acceptable and totally loveable, you need to love yourself, simply because you exist.  

We’ve got it twisted.

It’s such a shame so few of us were given the empowerment we needed to truly be ourselves. To love ourselves enough to prioritize our own health and wellness before that of others. The world teaches us to be selfless and to think of others first but it fails to teach us how much more abundantly we can serve from the overflow of a full cup. 

Put your own gas mask on first. 

There’s not so much you can accomplish for yourself in this world if you keep feeding yourself the scraps and what’s left over when you’re done, prioritizing everyone else and their priorities. Neither is this an abundant place to serve from. It’s better to fill your own cup and serve the world from the overflow. The overflow will be tenfold when you love yourself first. So join me in learning to love, appreciate and trust ourselves first. The world needs more people who can model the purest love. So that more people can be encompassed in its warmth and can learn to do the same.

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