How To Do The Hard Things.

So who needs a pep talk about their avoidance of the things that will make the most difference in their lives? I think we could all do with a little push in the right direction every now and then. I often find myself trapped and procrastination over the very thing I know will make the most difference in my life right now.

Why? Because I’m so filled and driven by fear sometimes.
It’s good to be reminded to be mindful of our destructive habits and redirected by someone whose been able to tap into flow relatively recently. So here it is. once I started to write this post after putting off my writing for so long it just seemed to flow out like I’m totally always connected to the power. (trust me I’m not) Sometimes you have to sit in discomfort for a little while to tap into it but I totally welcome it when it comes.

Our comfort zone seems warm and cosy and we don’t want to step out into the unknown so we allow our ego to sabotage any opportunity we have of creating and stepping into a better life. We know inside ourselves that our poor habits of procrastination and resistance to change don’t serve us or anyone else, we totally would like to move away from allowing these destructive types of habits to control us.

But how do we do that?

It’s good to sit with yourself sometimes and just listen. I know its easier said than done but sitting in stillness really can and will speak to you if you give it the chance. I don’t really call it meditation but I do tend to make an effort to sit in quietude at least once a day even if it’s just being present in bed before I get up in the morning.

We think we’re experienced and know what’s going to happen when we don’t. That’s ego speaking when you can’t seem to get off the starting blocks. Ego uses our past to decide what the outcome is going to be and quite often it’s wrong but we don’t give ourselves the chance to find out for sure. We’ve failed before we’ve even started. (Not always a bad thing).

We are fearful of the outcome we have dreamt up in our mind. What if we just accepted it. That worst-case dramatized probably way off the mark conclusion. You know what I reckon, we could probably handle it anyway. We could handle, people not liking us or not fitting in or, whatever excuse your ego is throwing at you today.

The comfort zone is a trap.

It keeps you playing small. It keeps you fearful and it keeps you feeling trapped
The time is now. Your time is now. Step outside of the way things have always been done. It’s time for a new era. An era of brave and powerful action takers and changemakers. It’s time to step into your power. The world needs you to level up and help others to rise up.

You have so much potential for greatness

You don’t have to sit around in the struggle and the fear and the pain. You don’t have to let these things control you anymore. You came here to excel, I hope you already knew that even if it was deep down inside you. Time to bring our your power, take action, to set an example. The world is waiting for your contribution. Get in gear Do it now. I believe in you.


Tapping Into Our Innate Transformational Power Together.

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