How Reframing Can Free you From A Negative Spiral.

Negativity can be horrible to feel and deal with in the moment and difficult to get out of since many of us are wired to see the negative before the positive. But all is not lost, there are ways to turn it around and see better ways to think about and deal with things that will leave you feeling happier and like you’re more able to deal with situations in the future.

Wayne Dyer said if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Yea easier said than done I hear you thinking. But i’ve found this can be true if we make sure we have a few tools to use when we’re struggling to escape a negative spiral.

Below are a few questions I ask myself when I can feel myself getting engulfed in the emotional chaos that comes to remind me that I’m not being involved enough in my own thought processes.

Is this the only way to look at this situation?

This question will help you to open up a world of possibility. If you sit with it for long enough, many answers will arise. Imagine turning problems into possibility. You have the power.

What would (insert a person you look up to) do?

This question immediately gets you out of your head and into someone else’s where you can imagine a better way to deal with your situation with the help of a wise friend or family member, who inspires you or who you think might handle this particular situation better.

How do I feel about how I am thinking?

Do you really want to feel the way you feel in the midst of the chaos, especially if you have the power to choose differently? What is a better thought that you could think right now? It doesn’t have to be exponentially different just one step up the ladder will make you feel a little better.

Did anything good come from this?

When you’re beating yourself up about something you did or didn’t do. You’re not taking anything good from the situation. If you can look for the good in a situation, (e.g the lessons) then the situation becomes a growth opportunity and I’m pretty sure not many people can frown at that!! What did you learn that can help you the next time a similar situation presents itself?

Is what I’m thinking right now actually true?

Sometimes the things we are thinking aren’t even true and we can be creating suffering just because we have allowed our fears and worries to run away with our thought process. Newsflash: fear and worry rarely tells the truth.

Is this even a negative thought?

Perspective has a lot to answer for. Perhaps we are creating resistance to a thought just by calling it negative. What if the thought was just a thought? Perhaps it’s just our judgement of them that makes them negative. Maybe sometimes we can just watch the thought and allow it flow through and out the other side without having to go through an emotional turmoil over something that probably isn’t true, definitely isn’t helpful and won’t be around for long anyway.

I know negativity can weigh heavily on you when you aren’t sure how to turn things around in the midst of a situation. But simply becoming more aware and present in the moment can make a world of difference. I hope that the next time you feel yourself opting for the undesired reaction you are now better equipped to deal with it.

So remember, you have the power to rewire your brain so you can change any situation just by being mindful and choosing to think differently. Not only will it help you but it will help others too. There is always someone looking up to and being inspired by you. So let’s get better at being the change we wish to see.

It’s time to rise and it’s time to shine. Liberate yourself. I believe in you.


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