My life so far is a culmination of the choices I’ve made. I’ve made some good choices and I’ve made some terrible choices and I’ve learned a ton along the way. Each decision I made brought me closer to the person I am today. If I had the chance to do it again I’d probably change a few things but overall I’m grateful for the opportunities and lessons that life has given me. I believe they have made me a better person.

But every day I look at my children and I pray they don’t repeat my mistakes. I wonder what they’re making of it all. How much do they actually listen to the lessons I’m trying to send their way? How much will they learn from watching my actions? I want the best for them and I try to surround them with amazing people and opportunities for growth. It’s not always easy in this hyper-sensory world, we are so easily distracted and since I also aim to give the kids as much choice as possible, they don’t always choose my favourite options.

I’m committed to personal growth and continuous improvement so I can be their best role model. I really want to be the wise, patient, understanding and supportive kind of parent they deserve. But how much will they still choose to learn the hard way? That question kinda scares me.

All in all, as hard as it can be sometimes to let them be, I am learning to step back and observe more, trust the process and learn from their cues. I think I’m learning more than they are sometimes.

So what do you think? What lessons do you hope your kids really do take on board? And what will you do to ensure they have the best possible chance of doing so?


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