Embracing Imperfection.

Life is full of imperfection but, as grown up’s we have become so well-rehearsed in rejecting the imperfect that we sometimes fail to see the beauty in it. Imperfection doesn’t have to mean worthless or useless. Each and every one of us is different in some way shape or form. Does that make us each imperfect? I say no. We were all born perfect and we carry it with us but we don’t see that as perfection. As we grow up we are taught that our intrinsic natures are not good enough.

BUT…Creation doesn’t make mistakes. We were all made perfectly to play the role of the person we came here to be. Each of our imperfections is our own personalized version of perfect. We just need to accept ourselves more fully and completely. This is difficult in a society of people who have been taught intolerance and who struggle to accept themselves

What is imperfection?

The way we see perfection is a myth. It is a human-made and imposed idea of how we should exist. As such, it is always open to interpretation. If my idea of perfect can be very different from yours, nobody is perfect and nobody can be. This would make us all imperfect.

Why do we reject imperfection?

Society constantly bombards us with its idea of what perfect looks like. We absorb these judgments and start to become judgemental people and we are always happy to point out discrepancies and project our insecurities when others fall short of our interpretation of what perfection should look like. But who do we judge the most? That’s right, we judge ourselves and because we are judgemental, we fear being judged. We aim to control the narrative by striving for perfection and beating ourselves up if we don’t reach ‘it’ or refusing to engage in anything unless we think we can be sure of a perfect outcome.

We Are Stifled By Perfection.

You are exactly where you need to be and who you need to be. Striving for perfection will keep you feeling stuck until the end of ‘time.’ You are creating your own suffering by striving to measure up to these mythical ideals which nobody has truly defined. You want to please somebody else who probably has a different idea of perfection than you. If everybodys interpretation of perfect is different, then how can you even know what one person’s idea of perfect looks like, let alone measure up to them all? It’s time to release the chains and be true to you. Who are you? What do you want to accomplish?

Reframe Your Flaws.

Perhaps your flaws are really strengths. We weren’t all born to be the same and that is a truly perfect design. what if the things that make us different are the very thing that can help us to step into our personal power? It’s time to appreciate the beauty of our differences.

Perfect your Peculiarities

Your imperfection is yours, nobody can take it away from you. Own it!! I’m not talking about settling. By all means, strive for elegance, strive for beauty, strive for excellence. But, we need to stop the cycle of beating ourselves up for not reaching some mythical undefined place. Sure, It’s great to try and become a little better at something every day but the only person you need to try and be better than is the person you were yesterday. You were born with your own brand of perfect wrapped up inside of your you-ness. Let’s stop abusing ourselves and each other and free ourselves to appreciate and experience this life as it is. Drop the heavy cloak of societal imposition. To accept your ‘imperfection’ is to accept your humanness. Learn to bounce off of your flaws and make them into your best friend.

Liberate Yourself.
It’s time to rise and it’s time to shine.
Your power awaits.
I believe in you.


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