Detoxify Your Life. One Period At A Time.

Many sanitary products are full of toxins and bad for you and the environment.

Generally, the period protection which we have become accustomed to is often bleached and full of toxic chemicals and fragrances. Not only are they bad for you but they’re bad for the environment too. When we decide to move away from some of the toxicity we have been raised to believe is normal, some of the new choices we have to make can feel like a minefield. This post aims to help to make it a little easier for anyone wanting to take the first small step in the direction of a toxin-free life.

Be Prepared. Period

Switching to reusable and organic sanitary products.

When you walk into a new way of being fully informed it takes away some of the guesswork so it’s a little easier to navigate. Reusable products will help you to make the switch to a more sustainable and toxin-free period. They have less impact on our bodies and the environment. Luckily for us, the world is getting really good at providing healthy, reusable and often plastic-free alternatives to conventional sanitary products which are better for us and the environment.

From cloth pads to menstrual cups made of surgical grade silicone, our cycles are becoming increasingly more earth-friendly and chemical-free to manage.

Below I have outlined a few of the things.

Menstrual cups. 
These are inserted to catch your flow and you only need to empty a couple of times a day.

Some popular brands include Mooncup, Divacup, Saalt & Lily cup. They come in different sizes and firmness. So you might need to try a few so that you can choose the correct one for your body type and size.  

Cloth pads and sanitary towels are now widely available to reuse. A quick wash of your stash between cycles and these will keep you covered for years to come.

Period pants are another healthy period-catching alternative. Look for the OECO-TEX standard  as proof they have been tested for harmful chemicals. A couple of brands include Modibodi, Cheeky wipes and Wuka.

For those who like tampons but want to eliminate the plastic inserter waste, there’s now such a thing as a reusable tampon inserter. Check these out on the Dame website

Want another alternative to tampons? A sea sponge might be your answer. They are natural and sustainable as the plant can regrow from what is left behind.

There’s also a company called Imse-Vimse that makes reusable tampons.

If you’re not ready to switch to anything reusable yet, why not try some organic pads or tampons. Many of these can be brought on a subscription and delivered straight to your door every month. Some have no plastic biodegradable packaging which is bonus points all around.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I hope this has helped somewhat in giving you a brief idea of what’s out there. have a look around and see what suits you. Many of these items can be found on

Be Prepared. Period

Natural ways to keep reusables clean.

You can use boiling water to sanitize your menstrual cup. But for when it’s difficult, Lunette make some natural disinfecting wipes that could come in handy.

With the pants and pads, you’ll want to always rinse them as soon as possible. Don’t use hot water straight away as it seals in stains. Leave them to soak for a bit if necessary, rinse until the water runs clear and then wash in the machine as usual.

If you want some natural and friendlier detergent alternatives to try. Here are a few.

Eco egg – Chemical-free and long-lasting alternative to detergent.

Soap Nuts – They come off of a tree and they work wonders on your laundry.

Bicarb – The super cleaner.

If you really want to go the detergent route then Faith in Nature, Kinn & Tru Earth make natural detergents, which are vegan, earth-friendly and free of dyes, bleaches, phosphates, parabens and SLS.
and check out Sustainable jungle  for a lovely little list of sustainable laundry products.

Be Prepared. Period

What are the benefits of Switching To reusable products.

Aside from the most important aspect of less toxins in your life and environment there are a few more reasons it a good idea to switch to reusable, fabric or silicone menstrual products.

Over time reusable products work out cheaper so switching will help you to keep a few extra pounds in your pocket.

It lowers your environmental footprint. Less plastic, less transport, less energy.
And that will make you super cool. So let’s all help to save the world one tampon at a time.

Natural Ways to Deal With Cramps And Period Pains.

There are ways to deal with cramps naturally without resorting to over-the-counter medications. To be honest I often wonder if cramps are partly due to the chemicals and toxins in our bodies built up through diet and lifestyle. But anyway I digress. Here are some ways to try and deal with cramps without reaching for the blister packets. Maybe they won’t all work for everybody but hopefully, you can find one here that works for you.

Apply heat. Get yourself a heat pad or hot water bottle and warm away the pain.

Cramp Tea is a natural, cramp soothing, concoction which can be found on Be prepared. You can make up your own with fennel, ginger, chamomile, dill and pine bark extract.

Tumeric Tea. 

Potassium is supposed to cure cramps so why not give dosing up on bananas a try.

Apple cider vinegar and or ginger, add one tablespoon to a glass of water. doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold. Perhaps add a bit of ginger to improve the taste and effectiveness or swap it out completely.

Yoga, Check out this video on youtube for a quick easy technique

Acupressure Massage Therapy (optionally with essential oils)
Check out this video on youtube for a quick easy technique.

It’s sounding increasingly like this natural wonder CBD can be good for all sorts including cramps.

Dark chocolate and other endorphin-inducing foods or (ahem) activities.

..and there’s nothing a healthy diet and exercise routine won’t improve. So move more, drink more water and eat a diet as free of processed food as possible.

Be Prepared. Period

Where can I learn more about keeping my period toxin free.

A book I have heard is amazing is Period Power. It’s available on Amazon.

The website has tons of information and a great shop where you can purchase most of the products mentioned in this post. 


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Be Prepared. Period


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