Is it time to redesign your life? When you wake up in the morning, what do you do? Are you living a lifestyle designed by you or one that has been dictated to you? Are you constantly in reactive mode or do you consciously design your days? This is your space it you often feel that you lack power over your lifestyle. Do you always seem to have too much month left after the money? Do you cringe at the checkout or have to choose between essentials? Perhaps you always run out of time or struggle to maintain or choose good relationships? Does your whole life seem to be shrouded by mental and physical clutter? You hate your job but lack real clarity about what you truly desire. 

Does your lifestyle has more power over you than you have over it? Are you ready to identify and confront the challenges? Redesign your life and take your life back from the clutches of societal norms and the expectations of others. Don’t let your fears and poor habits hold you back anymore. This section will help you take a look at how to redesign and master your lifestyle so you can finally create and live the life of your dreams.

Embracing Imperfection.

Life is full of imperfection but, as grown up's we have become so well-rehearsed in rejecting the imperfect that we sometimes fail to see the beauty in it. Imperfection doesn't have to mean worthless or useless. Each and every one of us is different in some way shape or form. Does that make us each imperfect? I say no. We were all born perfect and we carry it with us but we don't see that as perfection. As we grow up we are taught that our intrinsic natures are not good enough. BUT...Creation doesn't make mistakes. We were all made perfectly to play the role of the person we came here to be. Each of our imperfections is our own personalized version of perfect. We just need to accept ourselves more fully and completely. This is difficult in a society of people who have been taught intolerance and who struggle…

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Why Do I Fear Expressing My Power?

The game of expressing our power can be a daunting one when we are so used to playing small. Perhaps we aren't even aware of the reasons why we get stuck with our wheels spinning, procrastinating over the wonderful things we want to accomplish. We have been separated from our truth and essence. Here are a few reasons you might be struggling to connect to your higher self. You are waiting for permission We were raised needing permission for every little thing. Even the most basic human needs we had to raise our hand and ask permission. Then we were released into the world and expected to just take over but nobody ever told you that you no longer have to get permission to get what you want. It's time for you to take the reigns and go get that thing that you most want. Overwhelm Again, when you've been…

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How Reframing Can Free you From A Negative Spiral.

Negativity can be horrible to feel and deal with in the moment and difficult to get out of since many of us are wired to see the negative before the positive. But all is not lost, there are ways to turn it around and see better ways to think about and deal with things that will leave you feeling happier and like you're more able to deal with situations in the future. Wayne Dyer said if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Yea easier said than done I hear you thinking. But i've found this can be true if we make sure we have a few tools to use when we're struggling to escape a negative spiral. Below are a few questions I ask myself when I can feel myself getting engulfed in the emotional chaos that comes to remind me that…

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Reclaiming Your Time.

Time is precious, as I've said before. It's the only thing we truly have. Without it, there is nothing. When it's gone it's gone. Therefore, everything else is secondary isn't it? So, why do we so often let others manage or devalue our only precious stock? We can never get this back. We are raised so that we are all too eager to give time away for little or nothing and resign ourselves to a life of stress, control and manipulation. Bending over backward for the priorities of others is not your birthright. You no longer need to put up with it, not anymore. Life is too short. As we learn to navigate our one and only life, it's our responsibility to hold onto that hourglass. Guard it like our life depends on it because it does. Otherwise, as we very well know, there will be no shortage of people…

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