Honor yourself and your body, it’s the only one we get. Treat it like the temple that it is. Be careful of the poor foods, thoughts, habits and relationships that you allow into your space and body. If you find yourself constantly overwhelmed or pulled in different directions, it might be time to detox.

Unhealthy habits only bring us down. They don’t belong in your life. You deserve all of lifes’ goodness. No more settling. That was the old you. The new you knows there is a better way to exist, it’s time to embrace the habits that will help you to create an environment in which you can thrive. It’s up to you, nobody else can do it for you.  You have the keys to the castle.

In this category, we will be exploring and discussing longevity and how it might be affected by fitness, health & nutrition. What can we do to enhance our chances of creating optimal health? Can we find ways to clear the mental fog and see things more clearly? How do our actions and the things we don to our bodies, affect our sleep, stress levels and general levels of happiness.

When you honor yourself you make sure you don’t allow poor habits, emotions, relationships etc control your life, You know that you deserve better.


How Reframing Can Free you From A Negative Spiral.

Negativity can be horrible to feel and deal with in the moment and difficult to get out of since many of us are wired to see the negative before the positive. But all is not lost, there are ways to turn it around and see better ways to think about and deal with things that will leave you feeling happier and like you're more able to deal with situations in the future. Wayne Dyer said if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Yea easier said than done I hear you thinking. But i've found this can be true if we make sure we have a few tools to use when we're struggling to escape a negative spiral. Below are a few questions I ask myself when I can feel myself getting engulfed in the emotional chaos that comes to remind me that…

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Identify What Holds You Back.

Are you struggling to work towards your true goals and to discover your mission and purpose? Perhaps you're spending too much time prioritising other peoples priorities? It could be time to identify what holds you back. well at least some of it.  Discover True Freedom. We can spend so much of our lives overwhelmed and consumed that we rarely get any peace. All the things we have put into our lives makes sure of this and we can't see what's causing it because we are so busy trying to stay on top of it all. Trying to keep too many balls in the air can drive you to insanity. Your mental health is worth far more than trying so hard to conform to too many requirements and expectations. To discover true freedom to design and live the life you choose, you must take stock of what is truly important to…

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Watch Your Self Talk

How often do you stop and take notice of the way you speak to yourself? Most of us go about our day on autopilot and believe that we have no control over the cards we’re dealt. But in reality we attract the life we are living in. Our self talk controls our feelings, our actions, many of our decisions and therefore many of the outcomes. Our inner narrative has a lot to answer for.  When you do stop and take notice of that voice inside, does it uplift you or get you down? Does it make you take positive steps or want to run for the hills? Many of us go about our day oblivious of the way we put ourselves down and hold ourselves back from our dreams. It could be time to stop and take note. It could be life changing. You deserve more positive action in your…

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Metamorphosis is your birthright

Did you know Metamorphosis was your birthright? When you were born you were so full of potential to grow and flourish. You knew it. Everybody knew when you wanted or needed something, and you had no problem making it known. But, because you spent most of your life being stifled, downtrodden, humiliated and belittled, you got stuck, trying to fit into the normal sized box you were issued, you forgot your worth. You are enough So I came to remind you that you are enough. To wake you up to the amazing gifts that you already have inside of you. You came with a message and a purpose. Everything you have experienced up to this point was sent to grow you. Most of us are taught to interpret the things that happen to us in a disadvantageous way. But we’ve got it all wrong. Everything is for us, not against…

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