27 Habits Of Highly Empowered Parents, That You Can Easily Adopt.

  In my pursuit of a better life for my children and I, I have learnt that there are a few habits of highly empowered parents that are mostly simple to implement but produce great results. Here are the top things I've learnt on my journey so far. 1. Listening Skills. Empowered parents listen to their children fully and completely, (even if it's interrupting important mum jobs) and support their children to work through any problems that have arisen. A child who feels listened to by someone will continue to communicate with that person openly. Show interest in her interests.…

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How About You Love, Honour and Cherish Yourself?

Love, Honour and Cherish Yourself. Do you know who you are? Do you know how worthy of love you are? What have you done for you lately? I think the world is lacking in people who love, honour and cherish themselves. Let's be the next ones who decide to join them. I think it was Socrates that said above all else we should know ourselves. But I'd take it one step further and say our first lesson in life should be to love our selves fully and wholly. When we love, honour and cherish ourselves we accept ourselves fully and…

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11 Smart Organisation Tips for a Super Productive Family Life

11 Smart Organisation Tips For A Super Productive Family Life Parenting is a wonderful job but let's face it, it's a hard one.¬† Any attempts to make it easier and free up my time for the more important things is ok with me. So I've put together a list of my favourite tips that help my automate or alleviate some of the¬†essentials of family life. Because let's face it freedom is what we're all looking for. So without further ado here are my 11 smart organisation tips for a super productive family life. 1. The Calendar is King I don't…

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Giving kids the best choices and chances for life success.

My life so far is a culmination of the choices I've made. I've made some good choices and I've made some terrible choices and I've learned a ton along the way. Each decision I made brought me closer to the person I am today. If I had the chance to do it again I'd probably change a few things but overall I'm grateful for the opportunities and lessons that life has given me. I believe they have made me a better person. But every day I look at my children and I pray they don't repeat my mistakes. I wonder…

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Living Unapologetically.

What is living Unapologetically? Have you ever thought about what it means to be living unapologetically? Whose life are you living anyway? How many times do you apologise on a daily basis? Of those Apologies, How many are essentially for not living up to other peoples wants, needs, ideals and expectations? How often do you stop to think about what your own real expectations are? What do you really want and need to live a happy and fulfilled life? We live in a world where practically anything is possible, but we all know we can't have everything, so I think…

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