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Are you struggling with life and stuck between a rock and a hard place and don't know where to turn? It's ok I got you. What is something about personal power and healing trauma that you'd like to know? Ask me in the comments or drop me a line on a contact form and I'll answer in a post. I guess it's like an agony aunt type thing. Also be sure to sign up for updates so you can see when I write a follow-up post about it.


The Pit Of Despair

She tried to do normal, but it was hard. It stung, it itched, it irritated the very crevices of her soul. She didn't fit in, she had no qualms admitting that. She was lost, miserable, drowning in self pity. Everything about the mundanity of everyday life overwhelmed her. She was done bending over backwards to meet the needs of others. Her back was broken. She didn't know what to do to escape the pain. She longed for a familiarity she had only ever found in one place. She had tried to find it elsewhere but never could. She didn't really want to, but she didn't feel like she had much of a choice, She quietly climbed back into her pit of despair. It was where she felt safe. It was cold and damp and lonely and quite a few sizes too small. In fact it choked her a little but…


A Letter To Overwhelm

Dear overwhelm, I know I get stressed sometimes when you're here. But I've been doing some inner work and now I totally understand why you keep showing up, I've realized it's time for me to listen because you have come to teach me valuable lessons about myself and this life. I am ready. Here's what I've learned from you lately I need to walk before I can run. It' ok to take baby steps to build up momentum on a new task, relationship or challenge. Stop taking such big bites out of life. I am not going to miss out. I can take smaller bites and what is truly for me will still be waiting for me to embrace on the other side. You've come to teach me the art of delegation and that if something needs to get done that badly it will. I don't have to take on…


Is your life consumed by darkness?

The world can be a pretty bleak place if we wander around consumed by the daily grind. Perhaps we don't even realize that we have any control over our direction or circumstances. It's easy to lose ourselves in the mists of monotony. If you could choose to live in darkness or light which would you choose? You do have the choice. Have you ever considered who or what drains your power and keeps you from your true work? What even is your true work? I mean seriously we wake up every day and do what we're 'supposed' to do, as prescribed by the societal idea of Normality. We struggle and strive to meet other peoples expectations, we bend over backward to please everyone but ourselves. We tiptoe around people and their emotions so as not to touch or trigger their thorns. We get consumed by the bad news and negativity,…


Your Disempowering Stories Are Keeping You Stuck

How we hold ourself back from stepping into our power: Disempowering beliefs and Negative storytelling I know why you're stuck, frustrated and unhappy... Well, obviously I don't know every reason, but I can tell you a few and here's one. You don't believe in yourself or your abilities. Your internal record player is broken. It's playing you negative stories on loop. They're not true and I'm here to help you break free.You've been hurt before, you've failed and been failed. Now you've resigned yourself to the 'fact' that your unable and unworthy of your hopes, dreams and goals. Nothing could be further from the truth. You rock and you deserve the best life has to offer. I know this cos I've been there. I know what it feels like to feel stuck, disempowered and worthless. I also know that when I was there I wasn't worth any less than I…


11 Ways to step into your personal power and grow your confidence

Welcome, It's one of those lovely lists of things again. This time a list of ideas to help you to step into your personal power and grow your confidence. I hope you find it inspiring or helpful or choose to share it with a friend or two who will. 1. Know yourself fully and truly know your worth, grow your worth and know what you bring to the table. If you know you will leave every room you enter, better than you found it then you will feel your personal power grow. Unwrap your gifts and share them with the world. 2. Grow yourself. never stop learning, creating, and collaborating. Always immerse yourself in your interests, grow your emotional resilience, social intelligence. look for the lessons in every experience and interaction. 3. Get on a mission. Always have something to work toward, something to look forward to and something to…

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You can have excuses or results not both. What’s your choice?

So I often find myself feeling stuck and not knowing what I want or how to accomplish it when I do. Today was no different. I had a task to complete (write this post) and I put it off until the last minute. At this last minute, I started to feel justified in putting it off until tomorrow because I was sooo tired and I had run out of time and I didn't know what to write about and blah blah blah... as usual. But I have a new tool in my box these days and it's called self-reflection and it works wonders when I'm subconsciously trying to play small. So I stopped myself when I realised I was just making excuses. I mean, running out of time?? What a cop out. My time is not up yet and hopefully won't be for a long time. Time is also precious…


Creating Your Own Fulfilment

Dearest soul searcher, you're so full of potential, chances are you’ll make a few mistakes along the way so I wanted to tell you a few things that might guide you on your journey. Life can be tough so I thought I’d send you the letter I wish I’d had when I was your age. I hope you find some useful tips in what I'm about to tell you. I hope it doesn’t sound too preachy but I promise you it’s totally worth the time. Self love Fall truly madly deeply in love with yourself for that is your most important relationship. Love yourself truly and unconditionally. Make healthy choices. Set your core beliefs, values and boundaries and revisit them regularly. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Get familiar with saying no when you need to. Don’t allow others to overstep your boundaries. Stop doubting yourself, you are truly worthy…


How To Overcome Procrastination AKA Overwhelm

I've been known to sit and procrastinate for days. Then I realise that the reasons for my doing so are based in fear and overwhelm. So many things to do & worry about, So many rules to follow. There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything. But then I realise my overwhelm is keeping me stuck. I hardly get anything done and I definitely don't get it done well when I'm worrying about all the other stuff. So I set out to create this system to overcome overwhelm. Now next time that I feel overwhelm creeping in I can get on top of it quickly. I hope it helps you too. Take a Time Out I can gain alot of clarity just by doing a quick mindfulness excercise or taking a short walk. I highly recommend taking that little time to reset and refocus…

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Self Love Guide For Absolute Beginners

Self care is more than just bubble baths and candles. I'm here to talk about the deeper elements of self care, the inner work, which if we get into the habit of doing regularly, can have longer lasting results.  If there's one thing we have got to get down if we want to live a passionate, purposeful life, it's self love. We are so used to putting everyone elses needs before our own that we forget or rarely have time to look after ourselves.  Looking out for others is great, but we can't pour from an empty cup. It's not selfish, it's imperative that we find, carve out or create the time and space to look after number one. So hang tight while I go through a few tips to get you started on the road to loving yourself fully and completely, so you can go out and make your…