Dear overwhelm, I know I get stressed sometimes when you’re here. But I’ve been doing some inner work and now I totally understand why you keep showing up, I’ve realized it’s time for me to listen because you have come to teach me valuable lessons about myself and this life. I am ready.

Here’s what I’ve learned from you lately

I need to walk before I can run. It’ ok to take baby steps to build up momentum on a new task, relationship or challenge. Stop taking such big bites out of life. I am not going to miss out. I can take smaller bites and what is truly for me will still be waiting for me to embrace on the other side.

You’ve come to teach me the art of delegation and that if something needs to get done that badly it will. I don’t have to take on the weight of the world for stuff to get done. There are billions of people in the world, If I can’t do it, there’s usually someone else nearby that can help.

That proper prior preparation prevents poor performance…

You came to teach me that other peoples expectations don’t have to be mine. I can set my own priorities and boundaries.

The art of letting go, to release the need to control a person or situation. Not everything is going to go to plan. Not everybody is going to honor or respect me. If a door is trying to close I need to allow it.

You’ve come to teach me that it’s my finger on the self destruct button, it’s me that’s headed for burnout and that if I don’t schedule in me time, I won’t get it. Nobody else is going to do it for me. I know that now. You’ve come to teach me how to get to know and appreciate my self-worth and act accordingly.

So now Overwhelm, you’ve had a bad rep over the years but now I love and appreciate you. Thank you for coming and sticking with me and thank you for the lessons. Next time you’re about I’ll be ready to welcome you with open arms.

Love and hugs

A Letter To Overwhelm


Exploring The Depths Of Our Being, Transcending Trauma, Tapping Into Our Innate Transformational Power.

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  1. thehopedealer777

    As a therapist, I love using this kind of tool with clients because it lets us speak to the things that are bothering us. It is a great tool for journaling and helps us problem solve and come up with the solutions on our own which is very empowering. Thanks for sharing !

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