A message to mom and son

25 subjects your child(ren) should be able to discuss honestly and openly with you.

In response to your recent question, here are my top 25 subjects that I believe we should be able to discuss openly and honestly with our children, regardless of age or sex.

  1. Human Rights
  2. Commitment to lifelong learning
  3. Life goals and hopes for the future
  4. Relationships, loyalty and commitment
  5. Peer pressure, Fashion, make-up and external validation (keeping up with the Jones’s)
  6. Mindful (dis)obedience
  7. Peaceful conflict resolution
  8. Identity and self love/care
  9. Culture, religion and spirituality
  10. Emotions and feelings
  11. Money and wealth creation
  12. Homelessness
  13. Seeking mentors and positive role models
  14. Discrimination
  15. Media Influence, marketing tactics
  16. Personal safety and responsibility
  17. The functions of the human body and brain, health and wellbeing (diet and exercise)
  18. Internet safety
  19. Bullying
  20. Stress management
  21. Assertiveness
  22. Puberty, sex and sexuality
  23. Running a Business
  24. Panning, time management and organisation skills
  25. Law, politics, economics and world affairs

And a few good questions to answer together (whether they ask or not) might be:

Why do we behave the way we do in x situation?

When might it be ok to say no to a grown up?

Why do we eat some animals and not others?

What effect does advertising have on the population? What is its purpose?

Is it ok for boys to cry?

Can the problems of a mean person be solved by being mean?

Should we help a person just because we can?

Are rules always there to protect us?

What can you do if you accidently get yourself into a hard situation?

Why is it important to find things to be grateful for everyday?

Do grown ups cry?

Is school the only or best way to get a good education?

Are grown ups always right?

And don’t forget to discuss and explore your childs interests.

Also why not review your favourite books, foods, places, restaurants together? And good old board games are great relationship building tools.

I hope this helps you on you new endeavour, I wish you all the best.

A version of this post was originally published on my old site onesinglemission.co.uk


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