It’s so important these days to lead by example. Our children are watching our every move and everything is rubbing off on them. So I’ve started a list of habits and characteristics we could probably do with cultivating, if we want to inspire our children to become their own superheroes.


Do you know what you want in life. It’s time to decide and go after it wholeheartedly. Clarity of purpose is something which if you have it you can pretty much write your life story in advance. Find out how and get yourself some asap.

Self Awareness

This is another biggy. I’m sure you’ve heard the term know yourself. Well i think it’s hugely important to do so. Spend time with yourself asking the most important questions. Who am I? What makes me tick? What are my strengths and weaknesses? Who inspires me? Who do I want to show up as in this world? When you can answer questions like these. You will know what you need to do to move forward in your life and gain clarity.

self discipline, Consistency and impulse control

If you can’t do the things you need to do even when you don’t want to. No amount of forcing your children to is going to make them that person.  If it’s time to get up and start the list do it. If you need to cut the carbs or the dairy. Stick at it. It’s no use hiding in the shadows sneaking that yummy chocolate bar because you’ll only be letting yourself down. Be honest with yourself. Keep your big why at the forefront always and make yourself and your children proud of accomplishment.


Spend time daily or even weekly looking over and reviewing the week. How did it go? What went right? What went wrong? What could I/we do better? The answers to these types of questions will help you plan your better future.

growth mindset

Wake up the word ‘yet’ from the dormant part of your vocabulary. If you can’t do something now make sure you add yet to the end of the sentence. As Marie Forleo says ‘Everything is figuraoutable’ and your children need to know that there is no such thing as being bad at something, more so they just haven’t put enough effort and practice in yet.

emotional intelligence

Knowing all about emotions and they way people tick is a great skill to cultivate. It will help you to deal with people in an empathetic way and will help you and your child navigate society in a much more meaningful and compassionate way. 


Find ways to work together and always think win-win. (7 habits of highly effective people) When we combine our skill sets and work together the things we can accomplish multiply. It’s kind of a no brainer. Sometimes (not always) it’s better to collaborate with someone that has a strength where you have a weakness than wait until you have cultivated that skill yourself.


Enthusiasm is contagious and it shines through in every interaction. Find the things you are passionate about and it will help you create a zest for life that will have everyone you meet wanting to know the ingredients to your secret sauce.

Funny Bones

Laughter is another elixir of life. If you aren’t finding something to laugh about on a daily basis you’re doing something wrong. Do it now. Find your favourite funny. Better still, find someone who is down and make them laugh. 

communication skills

Surely you want you kid to be a strong conversationalist? Well guess what that’s unlikely to happen unless you talk to them and not just out of necessity. The more meaningful conversations you have with your children the better. Encourage open and honest communication and answer their questions as openly and honestly as possible so they are more likely to come to you with their problems. See this post for conversation inspiration.

negotiation skills

I reckon kids are born with it but it’s our job to cultivate it and not to allow obedience and conformity to beat it out of  them too much. give your child as many choices as you can and let them help you decide on a few important things too. Don’t get it too twisted though. Kids need to understand that not everything goes their way. (I have first hand experience with this and it’s not an easy habit to reverse) it’s good for them to deal with let downs too.

organisation skills

The rule around here is ‘a place for everything and everything in it’s place. it works well. It doesn’t only apply to stuff either. It applies to your projects, your mindsets and beliefs and other habits, planning and goal setting activities. If you need it, keep it organised. If you don’t need it throw it out. Amazingly creative things happen when your mind is not struggling to navigate the clutter of life.

Leadership Skills

Leadership is not forced or coercive. Leadership is inspiring. If you want to inspire change you have to set an example of what change looks like. Yes some times that will need some sort of narration but overall it’s more about ‘being the change ‘ than demanding it.

adventure and Exploration

 If you have lost your sense of adventure and you don’t explore anymore you will leave so much undiscovered. The world has so much to offer. Plan a regular family adventure and go explore an undiscovered realm with your family. Always have something scheduled that you can all look forward to. 


Things will go wrong, I can pretty much guarantee it. But it’s you job as a powerful force in your childs life to keep and open and optimistic outlook. Keep on keeping on. Always look for the lessons and find the silver lining. Your kids will thank you for it….. eventually.


Forgiveness isn’t for them it’s for you. It’s a heavy burden to bear and when you lay it down, (whatever you believe they did to you) and move on, you will feel freer and lighter to use your time and brain power to concentrate on more important things.

Embracing Failure, Rejection & Uncertainty

When you accept the things in life that others frown on, you can reach levels of fearlessness and confidence that few people can attain. When it’s okay to fail and you aren’t worried about external validation, you can enter into uncertainty with less worries and scale to new heights. 


This although I’ve left it until last is probably one of the most important. Make it a practice to look for things everyday to be grateful for. Write a journal to look back on when you’re struggling to find something or create a family happy jar. 


Exploring The Depths Of Our Being, Transcending Trauma, Tapping Into Our Innate Transformational Power.

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  1. Bev Dunn

    Amazing blog. Learning loads from you. Big Thanks We are studying superheroes as a family at moment using bible connection Need to encourage the children to be their own superheroes

    1. Chantelle

      Absolutely. Do you blog about your journey?

  2. Welcome to In The Thick Of It Blog

    Definitely learning to embrace failure, rejection & uncertainty 2019. My only son is headed to college Fall 2019 with only a 10% of staying at home and commuting the uncertainty of 2019 and perhaps me getting him though let downs this year has my anxieties high. This list is so important for parenting thanks for such an amazing post.

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