Welcome, It’s one of those lovely lists of things again. This time a list of ideas to help you to step into your personal power and grow your confidence. I hope you find it inspiring or helpful or choose to share it with a friend or two who will.

1. Know yourself fully and truly know your worth, grow your worth and know what you bring to the table. If you know you will leave every room you enter, better than you found it then you will feel your personal power grow. Unwrap your gifts and share them with the world.

2. Grow yourself. never stop learning, creating, and collaborating. Always immerse yourself in your interests, grow your emotional resilience, social intelligence. look for the lessons in every experience and interaction.

3. Get on a mission. Always have something to work toward, something to look forward to and something to do for the world.

4. Master something. Find the thing you love most and master it. Be the go-to person for that subject. Your sense of personal power will soar.

5. Embrace your flaws and failures, the lessons you can learn from your adversities are immense. embrace them failures and find ways to get the wisdom out of it so you can grow from your challenges.

6. Stop making excuses. Your fears keep you from playing big in the world and so you make excuses and you stay stuck where you don’t want to be and you feel powerless. What a cycle to be in. It’s time to get out of your own way and break it.

7. Reframe your thinking the things you think of as negative or challenging are just lessons. Someones wise once said ‘there is nothing good or bad only thinking makes it so’. You should listen to them. There is a lesson in everything. find it and use it.

8. Do the hard thing. Doing the things you need to do but perhaps don’t want to will grow your self-discipline which will spill into other parts of your life. There is no part of your life that wouldn’t benefit from a little extra self-discipline. It’s time to go get you some.

9. Affirm your greatness validate yourself. Look into the mirror every day and tell yourself something lovely. Eventually, it will drown out that negative voice in the back of your head and you will believe your new wonderful words, Try it today. Go on I dare you.

10. Boundaries. I will keep going on about boundaries as long as I live. If you have no boundaries people will treat you however they want to. You need to set the example and tell the world how it’s ok to treat you and what you will not allow into your life. anymore.

11. Take back responsibility for your life, your thoughts, your actions or inaction. You’re the only reason you are where you are. Stop blaming external circumstances and take responsibility for the achievement of your dreams. It’s time to shine.

A piece of your personal power lies in each of these as well as other places. please leave a comment and tell me the places you’ve found pieces of your personal power were hidden. Then share this with a friend who needs to hear this.


Exploring The Depths Of Our Being, Transcending Trauma, Tapping Into Our Innate Transformational Power.

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  1. Karen Sammer

    Great advice…I have found my personal power through adversity in my life. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger .

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