The Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it, Is To Liberate Yourself.
Choose Your First Mission Below.

Optimize Your

Our health and wellbeing is the number one way to create freedom in our lives. You can't pour from an empty cup so let's discuss our favourite cup filling activities.

Optimize Your Environment

A cluttered space is a cluttered mind. let's look at some ways to de-clutter and detox our surroundings so we can create a more streamlined existence.

Optimize Your

Let's discuss how we can optimize our relationship with money. Cos let's face it. It's difficult to live a thriving life without it.

Educational Freedom

Few realise that education happens outside of school. Education is happening all day everyday. So let's stop waiting for information to be spoon fed to us and take control of our lives and our education.,

Location Freedom

Let's discuss how we can design our lives in a way that doesn't require us to be in a set place at a set time.

Optimize Your Relationships

If you struggle with your relationships and were never really taught effective ways to connect or communicate with others, let's discuss it here.

Be Prepared. Period

Optimize Your Contributions

We all need to feel like we are making a contribution to this world. But sometimes we get our priorities mixed up and we can feel drained from giving too much of ourselves. Here we discuss ways to make a positive impactful contribution to the world without burning the candle at both ends.

Re-igniting Your Passions

The worlds many demands generally take us away from our passions. Let's find ways to reorganize our life so we can move back towards the things that light our souls on fire.

Self Sufficiency

What are the things that can help us to become increasingly independent? Ever thought about creating your own fuel, clothing or growing your own food? Well if you would like to know more, this is where it's gonna be at.